Sunday, May 13, 2012


I just wrote out the most beautiful post ever about the genious and what I think it is, and of course an error occured. You know what I said? FISH! it stands for "F#$% it shit happens" And here goes my journy to bring back the post that will never be as good.

    "Well, at least we aren't stuck up bitches."
    "My arm, my hip, and I think I broke my dick."

    I tend to get hurt.... a lot, and when I get hurt I tend to say some weird things.  Now, I don't remember saying these things, but I think it lets you take a sneak peak at my genious. No I don't think that there is a phantom that sings to me in my sleep but I think that our subconcious is all of your geniouses. You will never know where your first impulse will put you because you will never let it out, you always have to think about it first.
    Saying what ever comes to mind isn't always great, I'd say it's a curse as well. When you give your impulesesesessss some walking around money... or just some freedom to be heard, you get some weird looks like you are crazy. However they say that most geniouses are crazy, so am I crazy or am I a genious?


I'm gettin a lil bit more bawlzy with the things I disclose about my self, I figgure that two or three people read this so if they figgure out who I am before the end I don't really care.
    So here's my real post. I SHOULD NOT BE THIS TIRED FROM SUCH LITTLE RIDING! I have literaly crawled every where this morning, you think I'm kidding, but I crawled outta bed and up the stairs to type this, and back down the stairs to get some food and back up.... why am I so tired? Because motocross is the most badass sport! Swimming is the only sport that uses more muscles! To all of you that think you just twist a throttle and go, you are dead wrong! You try doing a million squat thrusts, while holding on with your hands and legs to a bar for dear life. You try to man handle a 230 pound machine into a rut that is only 4 inches wide while going 30 mph! oh what? does that sound diffcult? Now go do that for 30 min straight!
    I could rant about this for days... but i got other posts to do. If you would like to object to my statements, please comment so I can rip you a new one, and fill that new one with mind busting knowlage.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

I can be your hero baby

    What's an ordinary day for this hero? oh you know, He just wakes up at the butt-crack of dawn to blast his pecs (you gotta blast those pecs) after an impressive amount of pec blasting he showers (you gotta smell fresh after the pec blasting) and goes to school (you gotta get yo knowlage on) after school he goes... to more school (he's a brainiac braiiiiniac on the roll, and he's learning like he's never learned before) and then goes to work (gettin the dolla dolla bills yo)
    On the weekends he also wakes up at the ass-crack of dawn to go get his ride on (natural hight #ladiesloveit) and if he doesnt get hurt (not too often) then he proceeds to go more badassery later in the night (such as riding donkeys)
    I started out and I was gunna make my self sound badass but then I ran out of creative juice (I was entertaining my[I am using a lot of perenthesisieseisisissiess] coworkers all day)

    Will this hero ever become intersting?
    Will this hero ever actualy become a hero?
    Will his mommies lies of "you are special" ever come true?
    Stay tuned to find out!

Is this the name of my post? I hope so...

What the hell? I don't wanna download google chrome, do you have any idea how long that will take on this internet connection? Can the creators of any mutha luvin website be happy with their set up for more then like three days? I cant even see half of the blog because blogger is all fuzzed up (yeah, I'm watching my language now, just for this blog) sweet moses this is the most difficult thing ever!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Grew up poor

"after years of school, grew up poor." my scanner isn't working... and I have to be at work in 30 min so i can't fix it at the moment, so this will have to do untill then. Sorry Nels

Forgetfull shamefull me

I finaly remembered my password! I feel like such a dumbass forgetting it and getting so far behind! When I could finaly see my emails again i was alerted that my shipment of fresh clothing was here along with "ways to get ripped fast" cool huh?


Austin Powers; I watch all 3 at least once a month.... is this where i get my humor? probobly so. it's nfortunate but yes I am that immature